How to Drum Up Interest from an R&B Label

If you dream of becoming a well know R&B singer, you'll have to attract the interest of an R & B label. This doesn't happen overnight. Though it may seem as if some stars go from being unknowns to being superstars quickly, the truth is, they have worked hard and paid their dues, just like you will have to. That being said, there are some things that you can do to garner interest and get your name out there.

Social media

Social media can help you spread your name.

  • Keep your social media pages updated.

  • Post videos; you never know when one will go viral.

  • Interact with fans.

  • Post info about where you will be playing.


It is never too early to think about artist merchandising. Ask band members, friends and family to wear your items. If you have a cool design, others will ask about it. They may even want to buy some of your items. Sell them on your website and have them available when you perform. When others see people wearing your merchandise, they will take notice and wonder who you are and where they can see you.


Volunteer to perform at community events. If you have a friend getting married, or a cousin celebrating their sweet 16, provide entertainment. Volunteering will get you a lot of exposure. You will be heard and hopefully gain plenty of new fans. Never pass up a chance to gain new fans, especially when you are just starting out.


Create a professional demo. Follow all submission guidelines. You cannot afford to skimp on this. There is no excuse for a demo that does not have a professional sound. Be sure to read through every single submission guideline. If you miss something, your demo will probably never be heard. Remember, they receive a lot of demos. Make sure yours is superior. Make sure that you leave them wanting more.

Keep all of the above in mind. Remember, the more exposure you have, the better. Grab every opportunity to perform. Even if you are not getting paid, you are getting exposure. As more people follow you and become fans, you will be getting more attention and increasing your chances of becoming a star. It's tough to break into the world of music. However, if you're good and you're passionate about your music, you will succeed and it will be well worth the effort.

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