How to Get your Music into the Hands of a Local Record Label

If you're a musician who wants to be discovered, one of the best things that you can do is to get your demo into the hands of a local record label. Being able to get the attention of a small, local independent record label is beneficial to the artist in several ways. The most important are their willingness to take a chance on an unknown artist and the individual attention that they are able to give you. Once you're able to get the attention of a record label, your dreams are on their way to coming true.

Professional sound

Create the absolute best demo that you can. Whether you are creating it in your home studio, or you have rented studio space, labels expect a professional sound. Be sure to put your best songs on the demo. Don't put all of your songs; you don't want to make the demo too long. Include information about your band. The most important thing is to keep everything professional.

Find the right label

  • Labels focus on different types of music.

  • Find the labels that focus on your music style.

  • Make a list of the labels that you find.

How to submit

Labels have their own submission rules. Be sure to read the information about each label before you send your demo in. Follow their instructions or your demo might not have a chance to be heard. Keep in mind that your goal is to be discovered, and you have to go by the rules in order to have a chance.

Garner interest

If you're able to create a buzz about your music, labels may be encouraged to take a closer look when they get your submission if they've heard of you.

  • Play at local venues.

  • Volunteer to provide music for community events.

  • Ask a DJ to listen to one of your tracks and play it.

These are all ways to create an interest in your music.

Getting signed to a label requires hard work and dedication. For most musicians, it's not something that happens quickly. Don't take one rejection to heart. Your music just might not have been a good fit for the label. If this is your dream, keep trying, keep improving, and stick with it. Enjoy what you're doing, and keep making great music while you keep searching for your record label.

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