Tips for Getting Your Demo Heard

If you are a musician who has a demo, you must be ready to have a record label hear it. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as simply walking into an office and playing for someone. You have to get your demo into the hands of the right label and you have to hope that someone there listens to it and likes it. There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of having your demo heard. Keep reading and good luck with your submission.

Choose the right label

You have to submit to the label that is most likely to produce the music that you make. If you are a hip hop artist, choose a hip hop label. If you play rock, choose a label known for that. You may have a bit more luck sending your submission to Indie labels as they are usually more open to different styles and sounds. They have a bit more leeway in what they accept.

Make sure it is professional

While you can make your demo in the home studio that you set up in your garage, it better not sound like it is from a home study. These days there is no excuse for submitting a demo that does not have a professional sound. There is plenty of software out there to help you.

Keep it short

  • Labels do not have time to listen to an entire album of your work.

  • Two or three songs are plenty.

  • Make sure the songs you choose are your best.

Clearly mark the demo

You will want to include your name, your address and your email address. Be sure to write legibly. Once you submit, you can start checking your emails. That's most likely how you'll hear back from them.

Be patient

It can be difficult to be patient, but in this case, you'll have to be. Imagine how many submissions these labels get each day. You should submit your demo and then try to get it out of your mind. Hopefully, you'll hear back from them soon, but you may not. Calling them is not going to get your demo heard any faster. In fact, it may show you in a negative light.

Once you've submitted your demo, try to relax. You did your part and worked to get the demo into the right hands. There's not much to do at this point other than wait.

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